Need help with makeup?
Here are some nifty tips from our pro, Xiaxue!

But remember, if you're feeling great inside, you will naturally look good on the outside.

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Step 1

First put in coloured contacts and apply two-way cake foundation.

Contacts make a huge difference to eyes so you should always wear them! Check the diameter before buying because anything more than 14.5 enlarges your irises!

I apply foundation on my lips so as to conceal any unevenness in colour before applying lipstick.

Step 2

This is after drawing eyebrows and applying bronzer

When drawing eyebrows you can use the pencil to shade your nose bridge, like I did. Just remember to smudge it out so it looks natural!

Bronzer helps give a healthy glow! I love it!

Step 3

Eye makeup done!!

Put on brown liquid eyeliner, a white highlighter eye shadow, and stuck on lower eyelashes. Also added some glitter liner under the eyes for the striking effect!

Step 4

This is how the eye makeup looks, really simple.

In Japan now the trend is to stick them a little apart from your real lashes at the eye ends, so it gives you smiley, kind-looking eyes.

Step 5

After applying blusher and lip colour. Used a pink tone blusher and for lips, first applied a light pale pink all over, then a darker pink gloss focusing on the centre of the lips.